Independent Contributing Artists Marketplace FAQ’s


There are thousands of incredibly talented artists at work every day and there are millions of art lovers looking for just the right piece of artwork for their surroundings. Our mission is to bring the two together in a transaction which is good for all parties.


We are committed to delivering a notably high quality product at a fair price and we believe all the parties involved in producing these works of art have a right to be paid fairly. To that end we offer artists some of the highest commissions in the industry. We do this by providing a high quality web platform where artists can submit their work for inclusion in our independent artists marketplace. As an artist contributor, you upload your image file and provide a title, description and keywords: we do all the rest. After we approve your work it will automatically appear in our independent artists marketplace where we will manage all aspects of customer service, payment processing and fulfillment. When a sale of one of your works takes place we will license the image from you for resale at a percentage of the final selling price paid by our customer based on the royalty rates in effect at the time of the sale.


Our royalty rates are 15% of the amount collected from the sale of any independent artist contributor’s artwork.
Independent artists who list their artwork in our marketplace have the option of also signing up as an affiliate. When you sign up as an affiliate you will get a custom link to your gallery containing your unique affiliate ID. If a visitor comes to our site from your affiliate link and signs up with us then any purchases of any product from our site within the following year will earn you an additional 5% affiliate commission.


If a visitor comes to our site from your affiliate link but does not sign up then we will attempt to set a cookie in their web browser containing your affiliate ID. If that visitor returns to site within 30 days and makes a purchase and if we can detect your affiliate ID cookie then you will receive an additional 5% affiliate commission on such sales.

After creating your independent contributing artist account you will be directed to your account dashboard where you can upload and edit your artwork and view your sales and commission reports.


You may upload image files up to 50 MB. The size of artwork offered will be dependent on the resolution of your original uploaded artwork images. We typically will not offer a print at a resolution lower than 150 DPI.


Uploaded images must be approved before they will appear in your gallery. You can check the status of any image in your marketplace dashboard.
Your gallery will be listed in the Independent Artists section of our site under the Artists menu item.


Review the complete Terms and Conditions for Independent Contributing Artists.